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With more people feeling frustrated with the inaction of the authorities and the system they are taking the help of activists of the Occupy movement to vent their anger directly against the banks implicated in the mayhem. Their contention is that the banks are intentionally not helping to modify loans.


Initially the Hardest Hit Fund (included in the TARP) was meant for the unemployed borrowers only. But later noting that not much progress was being made the underwater borrowers were also included. The programme will run till 1917. The plan cannot reach goals without cooperation from the mortgage firms.

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Foreclosure numbers, including all the stages of the process, have shown a decline but perhaps this is the lull before the storm. Prior to the February settlement the banks had slowed down their operations facing investigations at both state and federal levels. But since the settlement they are now geared to rush in again.


In Brevard County except for one vote, all the commissioners gave the signal for setting up a registry for noting the details of foreclosed properties – residential and commercial. Till now it has been difficult for code enforcement to go ahead with the inspections because of not knowing who held the title; finding this out meant wastage of time and effort.

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The Legal Aid Society has to depend more on the attorneys who volunteer and on the programme of pro bono because of cuts in budget; meanwhile with the continuing economic woes the demand for legal help, especially among those who cannot afford to hire it, has gone up.

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An IMF report has come down strongly on the Obama government for having failed to contain the foreclosure crisis that is continuing; greater steps were taken by the administration during the time of Great Depression. The suggestion was increasing incentives to lenders and easing eligibility conditions for borrowers.

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It is apprehended that in Middle Tennessee there will be a surge of foreclosures – bringing hope to those who were hunting for bargain sales. Last year foreclosure numbers had temporarily gone down following the robo-signing scandal but now banks have started to foreclose with gusto as defaulting figures increase. The working-class suburbs have been worst hit.

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Democrat councilwoman of Greenburgh Town Sonja Brown has been served with foreclosure notice by Habitat for Humanity; the latter has an enviable record of foreclosure rate being less than 1%. Her loan is for $46,038.41. Since the beginning of 2011 she has not paid anything towards it.


There are indications that the Federal Reserve fines on eight financial entities, not involved in the February settlement, who are continuing with dubitable foreclosure operations of robo-signing. The Feds had tried to include them in the February settlement but they remained out of it.


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