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Baseball Player’s House Foreclosed and Resold

Sale deals have been completed for the largest residential house in Brevard County. The new set of owners is planning to break up the estate that runs across 5 acres.

$1.276 million was paid by John and Robyn Walden residents of Merritt Island for the house standing on 19,000 square feet. It was once owned by Cecil Fielder – the baseball star. In 1995 he had bought it for $3.75 million when he was he highest paid player.

In 2004 foreclosed swallowed his house. The lender sold it in 2005 to an investing firm for $3.25 million. But since the time of Fielder and his family none has yet occupied the home.

Karen Nierenberg of RE/Max Elite (Melbourne) said that it upset her to see the house lying vacant for five years. Karen has been engaged by the Waldens. Nierenberg has another introduction – she is the original owner of the property.

It was built together with her ex-husband Bruce Nierenberg, the joint founder of Premier Cruise Lines, in 1991. Karen said that this is the third time she has become involved with transactions related to this property.

Already she is chalking out plans for a fourth sale. The guest-house of the estate standing on 4,500 square feet together with its fancy pool has been put up for sale with a price tag of $799,000. The Waldens are mulling over constructing another third unit on the land.

Nierenberg said, “We thought we could end up with three really, really nice gated homes in there”. But as yet the plans are fluid. She also did not know if the Waldens were thinking of setting up home in the central house.

John Walden has a record of being involved in many business ventures since past couple of years. His notable development was Eagle Mountain, a planned neighbourhood that had been a fast spreading city in Utah in the 1990s.

The Fielder house was auctioned last May with the winning bidder being a person from South Florida who bid for $1.16 million. Nierenberg noted that some of the locals were showing interest in the auction when they noticed how low the bid was.

Roger Soderstrom of Stirling Sotheby’s International Realty was handling the auction. Soderstrom said, “I think when they saw the price, other people wanted to get in on the action”. The Waldens came forward with an offer and with the failing of the first deal they could step in. Suntree Mansion is the largest mansion in the county it is not the priciest.

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