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Foreclosure Crisis Leading To Escalation of Violence

More and more stories are coming in of foreclosures leading to escalation of violence. A manager in California faced with financial crisis shot his family before taking his own life. A nonagenarian in Ohio tried to take her life with a gunshot when her house faced foreclosures. In Massachusetts a housewife sent a note of warning to her lenders, which turned out to be true, that when they would come to foreclose she would be dead. On the day of the auction she shot herself just as bidders were beginning to turn in.

With more such reports coming in the authorities are getting more worried and concerned at the turn of events. The people are being urged to seek help. In some places the mental hotlines are jammed with calls. The shelters for domestic violence victims are overflowing. When foreclosures knock the family members turn on each other throwing the blame around.

Reverend Cannon Ann Malonee of Trinity Church located in the heart of New York said that the people are feeling as if the “rug is being pulled out from under them.” The foreclosure victims are turning to suicide prevention hot lines. The Samaritans of New York said that there has been a 16% increase in help calls since the previous year. Most of them were connected with the foreclosure crisis. Virginia Vervasio of a suicide help centre said that the people are coming to them after having lost everything – houses and jobs. They do not know how to go on living.

Pamela Ross is in her late fifties. She and her husband were battling foreclosure when the personnel from the Sheriff’s office came to serve the eviction order. The deputies while crossing the road heard gunshots. When they entered they found Ross dead with shot wounds. Ironically the couple had just been given 10 days reprieve from foreclosure.

Congressmen presented the story of 90 year old who shot herself on 1st October in the House before voting got underway for the $700 billion package. The mortgage company, Fannie Mae, forgave the mortgage allowing her to continue to stay in the house that was her home.

Roland Gore shot his wife and dogs in March at Ocala, Florida after setting fire to the house. Kristen Rand, of Violence Policy Centre, Washington D.C said, “The financial stress builds up to the point the person feels they can’t go on, and the person believes their family is better of dead than left without a financial support.”

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