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Parties and Orgies in Foreclosed Houses

The police had to come back and break up non-stop revelries in southwest Bakersfield last weekend when about 50 teenagers and adults forced into an abandoned foreclosed house. Apart from having fun – wining, dining and dancing, the hoodlums looted as many appliances as they could, reported some neighbours. Scelina Mitchell lives across the road. She said there was no hide and seek about it – they were out in front drinking and carousing.

The stone house is a neat building in Whitegate Avenue. The police had come twice in the wee hours after getting calls from disturbed neighbours. In November HSBC Bank repossessed the foreclosed house according to country records. In 2006 it had been sold for $540,000. The police party came and dispersed the revelers but did nothing more. The offenders were jaunty and nonchalant. Neighbours feel that this might encourage further such incidents. The minimum the law could have done was to reprimand them and file a report – said other neighbours. In the area two other houses are also foreclosed.

The City authorities have given the green signal to a plan to track foreclosures as a belated efforts to safeguard neighbourhoods.

Close on its heels another vacant foreclosed house came to be chosen by a group of merrymakers. Things got out of hand and one youth was beaten until he became unconscious. Two others were seriously injured, said neighbours who had seen the party turn sour. The house is Yellow Rose Court, South Bakersfield. Reports of bacchanalian orgies following one after another by reckless teenagers, shows a disturbing trend in society – far more serious than the foreclosure crisis itself. Vacant houses are being used for showcasing unsupervised parties – that are nothing more than destructive orgies.

The police claim that no record is there of the house being in foreclosure. Neighbours say they saw about 50 youngsters standing near the driveway around midnight. Soon after, things got out of control and the participants began to shout and scream while throwing bottles and tearing down fences. Two persons were hit with baseball bats resulting in one lying down unconscious and two girls bleeding from glass injury. None wanted to interfere and mess with 50 rowdies and called for help. The group did not seem to be any gang – just disorganized hoodlums having a ball in a foreclosed house that was just inviting trouble by lying around vacant.

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