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Increasing Foreclosures Multiplying Problems of Homelessness

Increasing foreclosures are multiplying problems of homelessness. The middle class living in motels are one of the worst affected as they cramp into single rooms somehow trying to retain the last vestiges of human dignity. The local authorities have not risen to the crisis and adjusted archaic laws or seen to code enforcements.

An occupant of a motel becomes a tenant after staying for more than 28 days. This has caused many families to keep shifting from month to month. Others vacate the motel for a day or two and return. Most of those residing in motels have at least one working member who can contribute $800 or $1,200 per month as motel expenses. But when these jobs too begin to hiccup, life becomes really tough. To hire an accommodation one needs to pay for security deposit and have a good credit score.

The true-life story of 47-year-old Paris Andre Navarro is one of many. She knows how difficult it is climb back. Both she and her husband had good jobs and lived in an apartment close to Anaheim. But for the last three years they have been living with their pre-teen daughter in El Dorado Inn. Her husband became ill and had to leave his job. Her job too came to an end. Soon they were evicted and had to take shelter in a motel while Paris struggled with a night shift job. Their daughter Crystal is stoical but sad about having to give away her pet cat and kittens for motels do not permit pets.

Another victim of the times is Greg Hayworth who has been roughing it out in Costa Mesa Inn for the last six months with his family. He sporadically gets work and is having difficulty finding regular employment. Hayworth’s teenage daughter is paying the price badly. She has no privacy living in a single room with other siblings and parents. She cannot bring friends over. In fact she has to suffer taunts and attacks from schoolmates for living in a motel. Her father had promised her that by the time of her birthday they would move out of the motel. But the date came and went without Hayworth being able to keep his promise. He is slowly slipping into a state of despair and depression. He was seriously hurt when his son returned home and wanted to know if they were homeless. He could not give a satisfactory reply.

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