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Foreclosures Posing Problems for Pool Maintenance

Foreclosures are posing problems for pool maintenance for those few homeowners left with the responsibility of doing so.  Squashing mosquitoes seems to be the best option for millions of cash-strapped pool owners across America. Squeezed homeowners just have no alternative but to reduce pool maintenance in their financial plan.

Mosquito-control personnel say that people are dispensing with pool services. Subsequently, mosquitoes are breeding freely in these water bodies. Mosquito fighters had tracked 1000 such water bodies in Fresno last year. These pools mostly in home backyards were found to be overgrown with algae. This year, already 1250 pools have been located in homes that are occupied. For many, the pool is now a costly toy that cannot be maintained, said David Farley of the Fresno Mosquito and Vector Control District. The manager said that these forgotten water bodies can easily become breeding grounds of mosquitoes that carry the dreaded virus known as West Nile. Although a very small percentage of those who are struck by the virus fall ill yet the infection can be deadly. Last year, there were reports of 445 people being affected by the virus of which 15 people succumbed.

This year it is too early to say if the virus will cast a deadlier spell. Employees of the vector control department are working hard to prevent the disease from spreading. In their effort to root out the disease they are encouraging people to report about decaying pools in the locality. Farley said that the organization does not reveal the source of information — after all their focus is not to put people in trouble but to stop West Nile from spreading.

Even service operators have a sad tale to say — people are just not interested in servicing pools as they wish to squirrel out money in these times of crisis. Tim Phillips of the city mosquito district said that a pool owner needs to spend about $1200 every year on pool servicing. He suggested that mosquito fish can be floated into the pool at no cost. These fish are quite good at destroying mosquitoes. But homeowners who are not comfortable with the above idea can add chlorine. This will surely wipe out the mosquitoes. Money can also be saved by operating a device called pool filter. Running it for four hours can do the needful. Another alternative is to empty the pool. Pool owners also have the option to run a power-saving pool pump for a fewer hours but electricity consumption will depend on the pool area.

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