Kansas Foreclosure Process

The Kansas foreclosure process will begin as soon as you miss payments on your mortgage. When this happens you need to be prepared to stay in touch with the lender almost on a daily basis if you want to keep your home. There are options the bank will give you to save your home during this time.

During the Kansas foreclosure process the bank will give you options to get a personal loan to get caught up on the payments, defer payments, refinance the loan, and even try to help you sell the home. If you want to keep your home they will offer you many different options to get caught up. Banks don’t want to own foreclosures.

The entire Kansas foreclosure process can take up to 1 year to complete. You do have plenty of time to come up with money to get caught up on the payments. Keep in mind that there are late fees and penalties that you will have to pay to the bank in addition to the missed payments. These fees are required to be paid also when you get caught up but if you show the bank you are serious about getting caught up they will work with you in any way possible.

Once the Kansas foreclosure process begins it may be hard to stop it if you have not been speaking to the bank. They will call you on a daily basis and sometimes 10 times a day. You should talk to everyone from the lender that calls because it shows you care about saving your home. If you do not remain in touch with the lender then they will sell your home at the public auction and you will have to move out in approximately 6 months. Remember, if you make a deal with the bank to save your home, be sure you meet the obligations of this promise or the process will start back up and the bank will not work with you a second time.

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