Wyoming Foreclosure Process

The Wyoming foreclosure process begins when you miss monthly payments on your loan agreement with a lender. A loan is the one bill that you should not miss because a foreclosure looks much worse than a boat or car being repossessed.

The Wyoming foreclosure process does take some time and a home will not be repossessed from you as quickly as a vehicle. This is because the lender needs to go through the proper channels to take a property from a owner. The first thing that a lender needs to do is file a notice of default which is usually done in the first 60 to 90 days of missed monthly payments. The owner will then have approximately 60 to 90 more days to work out a plan with the lender to get caught up or sell the property. If the lender receives nothing then they will schedule a date for the property to be sold at a public sale which is called an intent to sell. This usually occurs another 60 to 90 days out from the notice of default. The entire foreclosure process can take from 6 to 9 months, sometimes a year.

You can remain living in your home during the Wyoming foreclosure process. Keep in mind that you must be out by the date of the set sale, which will give you plenty of time to save up some money for a new place to live. A foreclosure on your credit may remain on your credit report for up to 7 years and make it very difficult to purchase another home again. However, if you file chapter 11 on the property it can stall the Wyoming foreclosure process and give you time to get caught up or buy more time with a place to live. Also, filing chapter 11 will allow you to buy another home the day the chapter 11 goes through.

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